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True North Seedbank

Welcome to the Canadian Marijuana Genetics Main Menu. Discover marijuana genetics from famous Canadian marijuana breeders and marijuana seed banks. Canadian marijuana genetics are continually being perfected. Vancouver, BC boasts over 1000 strains alone. Only true marijuana breeders of fine genetics will be posted. The menu below will take you right to the best marijuana genetics in Canada. This database is updated every grow cycle. Bibliographies are posted.

BC Bud

A-B Seeds All Indica Seeds All Mighty Seeds
BC Elite BC Bud Depot The BCSC
BC Seeds Bluegrass Can Pro
Marc Emery Seeds G13 Ganjaland
Dr. Greenthumb Brothers Grimm Heaven's Stairway
Jones Seeds Medical Marijuana Mellow Gold
Med Seed Peak Seeds Quebec Seeds
Richies Seedbank Canada Sensi Cafe
THC Seeds Williams Wonder  

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